Toy & Mini Australian Shepherds

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We are so proud to introduce our first two Toy Aussies to you, our female Zoe on the left and our male Zeke on the right.

Since I have never had a cattle/ranch dog, from the time I was a little girl, I have always had one or two of the various small doggies of no particular breed, so where and how did I get the desire and idea to raise Toy and Mini Aussies?
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We live on the beautiful Plateau, in La Cresta, California, where we have lovely ranches and wonderful horse trails. We go on monthly group rides, so this one particular ride that was hosted by a friend of mine Marge, came out with this "tiny" fur ball in her arms, she put it down and this very brave little ball started running up to all of us. I had no idea what this adorable little dog was at the time. Because I love dogs so much, I had to asked Marge what that little creature was, she informed me that it was a Toy Aussie, I didn't know they even existed and I instantly fell in love with this friendly, adorable breed.

I couldn’t get that little lovable dog out of my head so I started looking around for one those little guys for myself, this was about two years ago. The hunt was on, I wanted to educate myself on Toy Aussies, and happened to be on a Facebook site and saw this sweet Toy Black Tri female for sale. And as luck would have it, another gal that I met briefly was on that same site at the same time and was asking the same questions, she kiddingly made the comment, hey I got here first, then asked if I was serious about adopting the puppy since she was thinking about getting her for her hubby as a Birthday gift. At that time, I was only on an educational mission and not that serious yet, I said that she should go for it.

Soon after, I saw another advertisement for a litter of Toy Aussie puppies in Lancaster California, it turned out to be worth the drive! Wow, a whole delightful litter this time, so I got the pick of the litter a little female I named Zoe… and that my friends… was the start of this whole Aussie love affair.

Zoe & Zeke love to go on walks in the country!