Toy Aussies at Double D Ranch

Toy & Mini Australian Shepherds

Terms and Conditions

Our puppies are sold as small, medium and large size Toys. Sometimes the larger Toys become a small mini. We can generally learn more about that before they are sold, but not always. Please read below the notes and terms of sale.

1. Seller does not guarantee size.
2. Seller does not guarantee eye color.
3. Seller does not guarantee fertility in females nor does it guarantee viability in the males. They are only 8 weeks at time of sale and often the males have not yet dropped. If we are offering "Breeding Rights" with these puppies it is because we consider them to have all of the requirements and qualifications to produce great offspring. Whether they are capable of doing so will not yet be known to us.

These puppies are living creatures that need constant care and have requirements. Please be sure you are aware of the "JOYS" of having a puppy. They will begin to start teething. Be aware that they chew anything that is in front of them.

Also, the Australian Shepherd breed is not Hypo Allergenic. If you are allergic to dogs, this is not for you. They do shed moderately.

The Australian Shepherd is very smart and needs your attention. If not, they will figure out how to get it from you.

We hope that you enjoy this wonderful breed of Cattle Dog as much as we do. They are wonderful companions. The Toy Aussies are lovingly referred to as… "Velcro dogs".